Becky Gibson - 'Geomancy'

Becky Gibson

11 Jul 2019 to 21 Jul 2019

Geomancy responds to the poetics, strangeness and unexpected drama to be found on building sites and gardens through the medium of painting. The exhibition seeks to explore temporal spaces that emerge by accident, as landscapes undergo transition from a natural form, to a construction site, to a manicured feature of urban life. This body of work uncovers the ways in which we build our physical surroundings in pursuit of a neat final product as signals of our social aspirations.

Becky Gibson is interested in a broad spectrum of subject matter but is mainly drawn to the Australian landscape and the visible changes that occur within it. Her work focuses on these landscapes through which she seeks to document the changes that occur within and beyond the human time scale. Her practice aims to reach a point of truth, one that prioritises experience over appearance, both technically and formally, as well as in conception.