Brian McNamara - 'The Philosophy of Time Travel'

Brian McNamara

21 Feb 2019 to 3 Mar 2019

The Philosophy of Time Travel is an immersive exhibition of soundart installations by Brian McNamara. Through changing sound and movement this exhibition highlights the uniqueness of moments in time. The artworks include interactive and autonomous devices inviting interaction between the viewer and the artworks. Some pieces use unusual movements or senses to be played, others sense the surrounding environment and make sound in response to it. The sculptures use a range of materials including timber, 3D printed plastic, recycled electronics and found items. During the exhibition McNamara will design and build soundart works in a small workspace within the CCAS Manuka gallery using a 3D printer, programming platforms and hand soldering materials.

This exhibition is the outcome of 3 years work with sound, electronics and movement and is McNamara's first solo exhibition.