Brooke Leigh - 'Alice, Interrupted'

Brooke Leigh

14 Jun 2018 to 24 Jun 2018

Alice, Interrupted explores the extreme state of vulnerability that a child is subjected to as a dependent, and the symptomatic affects that these early experiences have on the psyche. Throughout the works of the exhibition, Alice – a young figure of innocence condemned to Lewis Carroll’s Wonderland – becomes a loose term to address the artist’s self, psychological state and Other – all of which lead to questions probing at an internalised traumatic neurosis. By opening up personal experiences to the public through an iconic narrative, the exhibition provokes dialogue surrounding intense psychological states rooted in traumatic experiences and the trauma caused by the symptoms of psychological conditions themselves.

Brooke Leigh is a multi-disciplinary artist from Sydney, Australia. By investigating repressed memories and anxiety through processes of drawing, her work explores how the performative act or event can become a cathartic experience. Leigh has recently completed her Master of Fine Art degree at the Sydney College of the Arts (USYD) and LUCA School of Arts (Ghent, Belgium). Working with intense states of the body, she explores the performative gesture through writing, drawing, print-making, live performance and audiovisual installation. Leigh has exhibited and performed in Australia, Belgium, Lithuania, Italy, Spain and the UK. Her recent publications as author include ‘Moving Marks,’ PAJ: A Journal of Performance and Art 115 (Winter 2016) Massachusetts: MIT Press, and ‘Time trace: A drawn perception’, Drawing: Research, Theory, Practice, 1: 2 (July 2016), Bristol: Intellect Books.

Image: Brooke Leigh Wild Mushrooms (Groenevalleipark, Gent), 2015, photograph