Ellen Sleeman-Taylor - 'Flesh d'Lite' - ANU EASS Exhibition

Ellen Sleeman-Taylor

31 Oct 2019 to 10 Nov 2019

Flesh d'Lite is an exhibition by Ellen Sleeman-Taylor, recent graduate of the ANU School of Art and Design and recipient of the EASS CCAS Exhibition Award.

In Flesh D’lite, Sleeman-Taylor is interested in how the nature/culture binary, linked by feminist philosophers and sociologists to the male/female binary, asserts itself in a digitised and hybridised world. Sherry B. Ortner found that the experience of a physical body and an idea of a non-physical mind is universal across all cultures. Although thought and emotion are physical functions, we experience a disassociation between our mind and body.

Ellen is interested in establishing a linkage between our experience of a separate mind and body, how we see the internet and ourselves online and the notion that many western philosophers have had that higher thought and function is the domain of men, and women "take care of the effective functions" - Emile Dirkheim. In the exploration of these ideas through digital imagery, collage and sculptural forms, Ellen wishes to find alternative routes to understanding ourselves, body and soul. She explores these ideas with a series of “digital skins” of fleshy/fabric/digital prints. The work is dominated by a soft pink that languishes around the room, the colour of "default flesh", as stipulated by Google's algorithm.