CCAS Member's Exhibition - 'FAKE NEWS'

CCAS members' exhibition

8 Sep 2017 to 9 Sep 2017

CCAS is nothing if not on the money when it comes to the trends and topics of the time. Thats right, we are the masters of zeitgeist. So if it seems a bit obvious, there was no choice for the theme of the 2017 Member's Exhibition other than Fake News,. Everyone knows what we are talking about even if they are not sure exactly what it is. Is it a lie or just something Donald Trump dreamed up to describe whatever he doesn't agree with? Its overworked, overbaked, overwrought and a big fat cliche. Fake news is synonymous with endless politicians diatribes laced with lies, deception and duplicity. This exhibition calls upon artists with overactive imaginations to shed some light on the fake phenomenon (or the phenomenon of fake) and as one might expect there are some hilarious takes. Hugely hilarious. It will be extremely difficult for the fabulous Gordon Bull (Senior Lecturer in the Centre for Art History and Art Theory at the ANU School of Art & Design) to pick a winner from such a vast array of out there ideations but he is a trooper and he will succeed before the audience arrives on Friday evening. There will be prizes of $500, $250 and a bottle of reasonable champagne for first, second and highly commended. If you want your cake and to eat it, a fun outing and a laugh Fake News is the show for you. Remember its only on for one night and a day and that is Friday and Saturday. Opening Friday 8 September at 6.00pm. The winning works will be announced at 6.30pm.