Graeme Wood - 'Measuring the Sky'

Graeme Wood

22 Aug 2019 to 1 Sep 2019

The core of Measuring the Sky by Graeme Wood is caelum | camena, a 24 hour video projection of fragments collected from skies and literature, that marries landless vistas and boundless sentience.

It is accompanied by a set of 24 graphite pencil drawings, each 11 centimetres square; and each commenced on the page as a frame from the video (at 24 frames a second over 24 hours, that totals 2,073,600 separate atmospheres, as each frame transcends the illumination and lineage of the one it replaces); and once begun each is transported by manoeuvres of hand and eye, the habits of pencils, prisms of learning, the textures of the paper and the fabric of being lost in the making.