Isobel Rayson & Nick Stranks - 'Up Island'

Isobel Rayson & Nick Stranks

13 Jun 2019 to 23 Jun 2019

Isobel Rayson and Nick Stranks present an exhibition of new works reflecting on their shared experience as artists in residence on Vancouver Island, Canada.

Isobel and Nick have continued to create works based on mutual interests in a sense of place, temporality and material investigation. Their works both contain strong evidence of the maker and form somewhat of a self-portrait.

The residency program is located at The Ou Gallery, Duncan on Vancouver Island. Much of the work created throughout the residency responded to the local environment and the artists daily walks along the Cowichan Trail that extends through the Valley from the rear of the gallery. The area is heavily forested with tall stands of trees covered in thick moss and lichen. Many of the works exhibited at the end of their residency was created from found materials including found wood from the trail. As these pieces were unable to be transported back to Australia, the artists have created new works expanding and reflecting on these ideas.

Nick Stranks has been supported through a CAPO award sponsored by Shaw and Partners.

Isobel Rayson is represented by M. Contemporary Gallery, Sydney and Boom Gallery, Geelong.

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