John Hart - 'At Home with Ohm'

John Hart

20 Sep 2018 to 30 Sep 2018

Over the past three years John Hart's work has been increasingly informed by his interest in science - in trying to render beautiful or to make engaging scientific concepts which are fascinating, but often counter intuitive or obtuse. At Home with Ohm focusses on Hart's recent fascination with electronics - specifically the electronics of household sound systems: "Each time we turn on a radio, or Hi Fi system, or guitar amplifier we are unwittingly engaging with literally thousands of small electronic components which work behind the scenes, unnoticed and unrecognised, but which allow us to live in the digital age." At Home with Ohm attempts to make visible these hardworking but oft neglected electronic workhorses, and to demonstrate their usefulness in a meaningful way. 

Image: John Hart 220 uF Electrolytic Capacitor 2018

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