Kate Stevens - 'Drones Over Aleppo'


21 Sep 2018 to 17 Nov 2018

Kate StevensDrones Over Aleppo reflects her interest in how we process images of war from the domesticity of our homes today. As the title suggests, these paintings are ‘stills’ from drone footage surveying the systematic devastation created by airstrikes in which air forces including Syria, Australia, The United States and later Russia laid the city to waste. There are parallels with images of Hiroshima after the atomic bomb, and German cities such as Berlin and Dresden after World War Two. What Stevens is presenting is not new, however, her work is a chilling reminder that the annihilation of previous conflicts is scarcely a thing of the past.

Image: Kate Stevens East Aleppo 2:32 2018, oil on canvas, 100cm x 125cm

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