Michele England - 'Remnants'

Michele England

15 Nov 2018 to 25 Nov 2018

How does a quilt relate to endangered Australian flora and fauna? Local artist Michele England has drawn parallels between the comfort afforded by a quilt and the fragmented habitat faced by many Australian species in her latest solo exhibition.

England utilises the techniques of screen printing, machine sewing and embroidery to make work in her exhibition Remnants. Quilts, by nature, are many small pieces bound together to make a larger single piece. Quilts provide warmth, are made with love and often use favourite fabrics, imbuing them with memories. England's new work utilises these quintessential quilt elements to discuss habitat fragmentation across our contemporary landscape.

Not satisfied with just making her unique quilts, England also collaborated with four conservation groups to raise funds and awareness for their grassroots activities. On sale during the exhibition are the artist’s designed and hand printed tea towels, showcasing these not for profit organisations and their excellent work.

Image: Michele England Fragments 2018, screenprinted reclaimed fabrics, builders synthetic line, woollen blanket, heart charms, 68cm x 51cm