Rose-Mary Faulkner - 'Profile'

Rose-Mary Faulkner

1 Nov 2018 to 11 Nov 2018

Profile is a continuation of my current work presenting a study of the female form from the unique, subjective line of sight we have of ourselves. In this way, I aim to map and record the female figure through abstracted and layered photographic imagery in order to analyse form and surface - the body unfolding from itself as line and tone. This also allows for consideration of the role of the gaze, providing a female perspective on the female form. Using decals, I transfer photography to glass with water and heat, layering images to investigate ways to observe and experience the body - expressed visually through soft dappled imagery, evocative of feeling and sensation.

Image: Rose-Mary Faulkner A single perspective 2018, kiln formed glass with decals, dimensions variable. Photo: David Paterson