Shags - '920.01.SHA'


21 Mar 2019 to 31 Mar 2019

920.01.SHA is a lifelong, non-figurative self-portrait using index cards and the Dewey Decimal Classification System, by ACT artist Shags. This work distills the artist’s life into a book title for each year, which allude to bigger stories and touch on the idea that no-one ever fully knows another person, we all just fill in the gaps.

1. Biography, genealogy, insignia: Philosophy and theory

Made possible by the generous Canberra Contemporary Art Space Emerging Artists' Residency Award from the 2017 ANU School of Art & Design Emerging Artist Support Scheme

Image: Shags Self portrait (1970 - ____) (detail 20/50 so far) 2018 – , inkjet print on index cards, dimensions variable

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