Tania Vrancic - 'Freedom'

Tania Vrancic

19 Sep 2019 to 29 Sep 2019

For some time now I have been pursuing freedom in my work. I have found that my best work is made when I am ‘in the zone’ having fully let go of any inhibitions, preconceived ideas and expectations, taking risks to push the boundaries of my practice further. Music is crucial in taking me to a place of freedom where I create out of intuition rather than logic. Intuitive brushstrokes, sgraffito and ceramic pencil mark-making relate back to the abstract landscape paintings that I have also been working on. My ceramic and painting practice inform each other as I explore each medium.

Freedom began with some sketches on old book pages which then inspired me to find other letters and documents that relate to the concept and idea of Freedom as well as themes of imprisonment and oppression. These writings have informed and challenged my personal understanding of freedom and how many of us take freedom for granted in our culture. In my work I have posed two questions “What does freedom mean to you?” and “When do you personally feel most free?”.