TOM CAMPBELL / KUTE BASH - 'Arboretum / The Map Shop'


2 May 2019 to 12 May 2019

“where is the map shop?” “what is it?”

“how does it fit in with the other three doors?”

“maybe you’re saying that the map shop is a state of feeling, like failure or emotion”

“maybe you’re saying that failure and emotion are places”

Tom Campbell / Kute Bash presents an investigation into critical ideas of place through textiles, objects and documentation. Begun as a site-specific project in the Bendora Arboretum, Campbell is interested in understanding how places/nature is constructed and (in this exhibition) drawing connections between fraught ideas of ‘wilderness’ and other areas where we might experience a constructed sense of nature. The works included in Arboretum / The Map Shop are designed to encourage multiple readings of place and location. Objects can become sites for inviting questions rather than asserting a universal answer. Come see several textile constructions, text-based works, and leave your feedback in the visitor’s book.