In Perforation Keith Bender responds to perforated steel with a series of sculptures that combine his fascination with abstraction, light, negative and interactive space and the surface texture of steel in a series of wall mounted and freestanding works. The interaction of curved and flat sections of perforated steel and Corten play with the shadows and light generated from within and outside the work.


Skye Jamieson is a Canberra based artist who graduated from the ANU School of Art in 2017. Jamieson works with painting, drawing and print-making practises. She is interested in water and the incessant appearance of blue in a developed environment; its constancy amongst rubbish. The artist often works in immediate ways on canvas and paper in reflection to found objects.

Image: Skye Jamieson Vicks Vapour Drops in a Carpark 2018, pigment, oil paint on canvas 120cm x 100cm


After a resent personal loss I entered a period of introspection/retrospection where I reflected on my 30 years as a painter. I subconsciously began gathering those elements and themes I love about the medium and revisiting them from a more personal perspective as I worked towards this exhibition.

My journey began with a series of portraits exploring male beauty, especially that of the queer male through representations of his allure and his power. All the while looking at a wider range of influences from the modern cultures of fashion and advertising to the historic influences of romanticism, symbolism, loss and love.

This then lead me to the landscapes of the classical romantic vocabulary - ephemeral vistas given layers of meaning with each layer of paint. They were also setting these works in a modern context heavily influenced by artists Claude Lorrain, Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot, Eugene von Guerard, and Tom Roberts.

I hope you enjoy these thematic works, influenced by modern fashion/culture and 19th century romanticism, and I invite you to create your personal narrative whilst viewing.

Image: Gerald Jones Untitled (detail) 2018, photograph by Brenton McGeachie


Image: Dierdre Pearce Parataxis 2 (detail), 2018, collage of found images and artist's photographs on paper, 42cm x 59cm, Photograph Brenton McGeachie


Image: Michele England Ursus marimus 2017


Image: Rose-Mary Faulkner Of Surface and Form 2 2016, blown and kiln formed glass with decals, dimensions variable. Photo: David Paterson


Image: Alex Lundy Untitled 2017, photograph by Brenton McGeachie


Image: Mark Van Veen Portal


Image: John Hart 220 uF Electrolytic Capacitor 2016


Like breathing in and out, moment upon moment, across a lifetime of moments, Between Here and Now explores the contradiction between the stillness of a moment and the flow of everyday life and daily routine. Much as an icon is framed to draw attention to the most important elements of the painting, Leonie Andrews uses stitch to foreground the way our lives are bound together, interwoven in culture, stitched in time.

Image: Leonie Andrews Brisbane 2017 (detail)