Aaron Garlick


Aaron Garlick is a Canberra based artist and designer. His work is primarily concerned with the Proustian connections between objects and the memories they invoke. Every interaction with an object is permeated by aspects of temporality, and Aaron aims to explore this through the introduction of time into his work to create false “gusts of memory” within the viewer.

His work is influenced by his training in traditional furniture craft practices at the Australian National University and his interest in exploring the applications of contemporary technology such as CNC milling and laser cutting.



2013 Bachelor Visual Arts (Honours), Furniture, Australian National University


2013 Design Institute of Australia Student Encouragement Award


2014 Matched Makers, Honkytonks, Canberra
2014 Stop, Hama Time, You Are Here Festival, Canberra
2013 Graduating Exhibition, Australian National University, Canberra
2013 Artifact and Translation, Australian National University Foyer Gallery, Canberra
2013 Crafted 13, Nishi Gallery, Canberra
2012 Graduating Exhibition, Australian National University, Canberra