Janis Lejins


Janis Lejins produces highly immersive, interactive and visceral installations that probe the nature of contemporary experience. His innovative multi-disciplinary practice fuse traditional media including photography, sound and sculpture with the inventive use of new-technologies, such as electronics, computer programming, computer-aided design and the internet. The resulting installations combine old and new media into a singular aesthetic experience. Janis’s work gives physical form to the incorporeal and incomprehensible elements of our contemporary world such as, real time data flows.

During his residency Janis will develop internet based new-media installations. He will be working towards a large-scale installation for solo exhibition in the main gallery of the Belconnen Art Centre running from May 28 - June 19.



2016 Bachelor of Arts Honours (Art History and Curatorship), Australian National University, Canberra
2015 Bachelor of Visual Arts Honours (Photomedia), Australian National University, Canberra


2015 Graduating Exhibition, Australian National University, Canberra
2015 The Rendered Experiance , Nishi Gallery, Canberra
2013 Graduating Exhibition, Australian National University, Canberra
2013 I Sold My Kidney {I bought a pair of Nike Frees}, Honkytonks, Canberra
2013 #Bombala, Queensland Centre for Photography, Brisbane
2012 Digital Landmarks, National Mueseum of Australia (Online)


2015 EASS Paul Ross Bambury Prize, Australian National University
2015 EASS Canberra Contemporary Art Space and Russell Kennedy Lawyers Studio Residency Award
2015 EASS Art Monthly Award, Art Monthly Australia
2015 EASS Belconnen Arts Centre Exhibition Award, Belconnen Arts Centre