Joel Arthur


I consider the role of perception and illusionism through representation and abstraction. My work began as an investigation of various approaches to the field of still life, observing and describing distortions that occur when looking through glass, water and other refractive and reflective materials. My focus on the optical experience delivered by these distortions and their subsequent translation into painting is the driving interest of my works. Through my practice I focus on different modes of description, which have developed in conjunction with a more accentuated abstract pictorial language. These abstract works consider how an optical experience can be generated in the painting itself, while continuing to alert the viewer of the work’s physicality and painterly mark.



2014 Bachelor of Visual Arts (Honours), Australian National University


2015 Sometimes There Isn’t Anything To Get, Nancy Sever Gallery, Canberra
2014 Graduation Exhibition, ANU School of Art, Canberra
2014 Works On Paper, Photospace gallery, ANU School of Art, Canberra
2014 The Beat Goes On, ANU School of Art, Canberra
2013 Friday On My Wall: Joel Arthur, ANU School of Art
2013 Play Nice, You Are Here Festival, Canberra
2013 Graduating Exhibition, ANU School of Art
2012 Decked Out, Canberra Framing Gallery


2014 Peter & Lena Karmel Prize
2014 Canberra Contemporary Art Space Residency
2014 Legislative Assembly Prize
2014 Sydney Canvas Company Materials Award For Painting
2014 EASS ANU Art Collection Award
2014 EASS Bradley Allen Love Acquisition Award
2014 EASS KPMG Acquisition Award
2013 EASS ANU Art Collection Award