Josh Owen


My central practice is focused on producing mood-driven audiovisual work that challenges the viewer to re-evaluate their relationship with their senses. Much of my work employs video as a medium for sequencing and sampling, as well as the recording, illustration, and deconstruction of time and space.

Alongside my rendered video practice, I also work in performance, live-mixing video samples and my own work together to accompany or dictate attention and mood. Recently, I have been experimenting with painting; creating large, layered works that invite the viewer to invest some time into their structured and unstructured elements.



2015 Bachelor of Digital Arts, Australian National University, Canberra


2016 Facing West, Aviary Art, Canberra
2015 The Rendered Experience, Nishi Gallery, Canberra
2015 Square Eyes, M16 Artspace, Canberra
2015 Videofeed/Oxjam, La De Da, Canberra
2015 Fog Installation, Ainslie + Gorman Arts Centre, Canberra
2015 Slow Turismo E.P Launch, The Polish Club, Canberra
2015 Digital Feast, A.Baker, Canberra
2015 YouAreHere Party, Westside Acton Park, Canberra
2014 Graduating Exhibition, Australian National University, Canberra