Joshua Sleeman-Taylor


Joshua Sleeman-Taylor is an avid draughtsman and printmaker. His work uses the human body as a vessel for emotional expression and has a particular interest in expressing aspects of discomfort such as anxiety, tension and unease. His practice incorporates an eclectic use of mixed-media drawing and printmaking techniques. He has a direct and physical approach to making. Joshua specialises in intaglio printmaking processes, such as etching and dry-point engraving. He works instinctually, allowing room for spontaneity, creating work that is energetic and somewhat obsessive. Joshua wants the emotional content of his work to feel personal and honest and feels it is important to work openly and directly without withholding any emotions to achieve this.



2017 Bachelor of Visual Arts (First Class Honours), School of Art and Design, ANU
2016 Bachelor of Visual Arts, School of Art and Design, ANU
2009 Advanced Diploma of Professional Game Development, Academy of Interactive Entertainment, Canberra


2017 ANU Honours selection, CCAS Manuka, Canberra
2017 Graduating Exhibition, School of Art and Design, ANU
2017 Contents Dispersed, Smiths Alternative, Canberra
2016 Underground Prints, National Gallery of Australia car park. Facilitated by Alison Alder and curated by Roger Butler
2016 The artists formally known as Tom and Josh, Smiths Alternative, Canberra
2015 Graduating Exhibition, School of Art, ANU
2015 Meat, Moss and Horror, Smiths Alternative, Canberra
2015 Westside opening exhibition, Westside container village, Canberra
2014 Transmitting Home, Honkytonks, Canberra
2014 Random, Foyer Gallery, School of Art, ANU
2013 Mutation, Nishi Gallery, Canberra. Curated by Joshua Taylor and Chris Dalzel


2017 School of Art & Design EASS Canberra Grammar Residency award
2017 School of Art & Design EASS Canberra Contemporary Art Space Emerging Artists' Residency Award
2015 School of Art & Design EASS Viridian Print prize

Image: TS 1, 2017
etching on BFK rives paper, 90 x 130 cm
Photographer: Brenton McGeachie